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The SCOOP (Sn 5 Ep 7) With Mohamed Ali

Mohamed was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, where he spent his childhood before he and his family were displaced as a result of civil war. He eventually moved to the United States where he become committed to assisting refugees, like himself, whose lives were torn apart by war and conflict. He put himself through law school so he could advocate for the legal and human rights of these refugee populations. After years abroad, Mohamed eventually returned to Somalia, where he found that many of the young people were disenfranchised and without opportunities. He launched the Iftiin Foundation, to incubate and support young Somalis to start their own enterprises. Mohamed has especially focused on using entrepreneurship as tool to empower young people to create jobs and promote peace within their communities. He is now creating a center for peace and security studies in Mogadishu, where he hopes to train a new generation of peacemakers and leaders in Somalia.

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