Marcia Thomas, USA for Africa
Longtime Director of USA for Africa, with more than 25 years of involvement with Africa and Africans.   Marcia provided guidence, drive and commitment to the creation of  AS4A that will soon be 8 years since it was created and went live. AS4A truly reflects Marcia’s and USA for Africa’s commitment to support and promote African capacity.


Amira Ali
Amira Ali has invested in creating African curated and produced platforms that explore and engage decolonized and emancipatory African-centered thoughts and ideas. As a passionate storyteller with an interest in African representational justice, her work focuses on elevating decolonized and restorative African narratives. Keenly spotting persistent colonial relationships, she is interested to engage transformative group movements that advance anti-imperial and anti-neoliberal elements, and counter-colonial effect. As an African who exists in a new wave of PanAfrican movement(s), she champions PanAfrican focused community-building and anti-colonial cultural productions with community impact. She is co-founder of Afrika Moja, a united African collective geared to destabilize and expunge the white/western gaze and thereby recover (our) culture constructed on decolonized African mind and intellectual.


Regina Honu 
Regina looks to bring a clean, attractive look to AS4A. She will also provide technical support. Regina has 15 years experience as a software developer. She runs a coding and human-centered design academy for children and adults. She is passionate about changing the single story of Africa and using technology as a tool to drive human potential


Naisula G. Saul
Naisula G. Saul is a journalist and a film maker from and based in Arusha, Tanzania. Her passion is developing documentary stories that highlight the history, culture, art and beauty of Africa. With her travel blog and a travel YouTube channel, she hopes to inspire other African youth both on the continent and the diaspora of the beauty and the potential that Africa has to offer.

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