Haiti’s market women resist global forces

“On a plain high in the mountains of Haiti one day a week thousands of people still gather. This is the marketplace of my childhood…The sights and the smells and

Haiti’s market women resist global forces

“On a plain high in the mountains of Haiti one day a week thousands of people still gather. This is the marketplace of my childhood…The sights and the smells and

We Want to Take Sudan From This Dark Corner to a Bright Future

On August 4, 2019, the Sudanese military council signed an agreement with Freedom and Change, a body representing the country’s mass protest movement. The agreement establishes the structures and powers of a

West Africa’s New Currency: The End of France’s dominance in Africa?

Just over 30 years after the idea was initially conceived, it appears that the whole of West Africa will now be adopting one currency. On the 29th of June 2019, the leaders

A fan pays tribute to the King of Coupé-Décalé

Ange Didier Huon, Ivorian musician better known to millions as DJ Arafat died at age 33, on August 12, after suffering injuries from a motorbike accident that occurred on Sunday,

Felabration Unveils Plan for 2019 Edition

Organisers of the annual week-long festivity to commemorate the life of the Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti has unveiled plans for its 2019 edition. Usually held in October, this year’s celebration

Africa’s job market: what are the challenges?

The 2019 Ibrahim Forum Report highlighted the links between demography, economic prospects and mobility. In a context of a booming youth population and a decade of sustained economic growth, what are the

39 years since Walter Rodney fell; Andaiye, Walter Rodney’s colleague has rejoined the ancestors

This is a tribute of Eusi Kwayana to Andaiye, which captures her connection to the Rodney legacy, and the political and humanist traditions she shared with many others in Guyana and across

The fading pride of Amazigh tattoos

For Africa’s indigenous Amazighs, body art was more than mere images. They were a decisive social, almost poetic, marker for centuries. Berber woman wearing ethnic jewelry, Kairouan, Kairouan governorate (Al

“They don’t see us; they just don’t care” – Stories from Saharawi freedom fighters

The story of Western Sahara, “the last colony in Africa”, is one of flagrant international law violation, and four decades of persistent military occupation by an African country of another

Ethiopia plants world-record 350 million trees in a day, officials say

Volunteers in Ethiopia have planted more than 350 Million trees (353,633,660 seedlings) on Monday, July 28, 2019, to fight deforestation and climate change, officials announced. This national campaign is part

Ethiopia: At least 17 killed in violence over Sidama autonomy

At least 17 people have been killed in clashes between Ethiopian security forces and activists seeking a new autonomous region for their Sidama ethnic group, according to a local official

Ethiopia’s TPLF demands clarity on 2020 elections, blasts ADP over ‘coup’

All is not well in Ethiopia’s ruling coalition as one of the parties is accusing the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) of not doing enough to prevent the recent high profile

Scenes of joy as Algeria wins Africa Cup of Nations

lgiers, Algeria – Football-crazed Algeria burst into a paroxysm of euphoria on Friday night as the country’s national team emerged triumphant at the Africa Cup of Nations final held in Egypt. Firecrackers lit up

Pentagon Document Shows U.S. Knew of “Credible” Report of Civilian Casualties After its Attacks in Somalia

ON APRIL 1, 2018, the U.S. military carried out an airstrike near El Buur, a town in central Somalia. A press release issued by U.S. Africa Command a day later announced

Brave, inspiring’ Somali-Canadian journalist killed in Kismayo

“Passionate”, “brave” and “a shining star who was a force for good” – these were just some of the tributes that poured in for Canadian-Somali journalist Hodan Nalayeh, who died

Africa’s challenge is the youth bulge currently stuck in ‘waithood’, the 2019 Ibrahim Forum Report says

The Foundation has been discussing African migrations and the calling for a repositioning of the debate in the past few months. As set out in the 2019 Ibrahim Forum Report, Africa’s

Remembering the time Nigerian music had meaning

Then, their music – which was mostly done in the genres of highlife, juju and apala – was resplendent with African proverbs and idioms, and served as a source of wisdom

Les Chaises Koubeyni is an artistic response to the concept of hospitality

Niger’s capital city of Niamey recently hosted an artistic intevention in which a group of artists and architects looked at ways to make a public intervention to reflect on the

Meet Kampire, an East African female DJ bringing new rhythms to dance music

On a Saturday night in Black Flamingo, a cramped basement venue in Brooklyn, New York City, Kampire is blasting out a set of body-shaking, high energy African electronic music. The

Nigeria ranked “7th in Africa” for suicide – but Lesotho tops List

Nigeria is ranked “15th in the world” and “top in Africa” for its suicide rate, according to an article on the link between trauma and suicide in the country. The June

Senegal and Tunisa Fight to Quell Thirst for Achievement

Senegal and Tunisia, Africa’s two highest ranked teams, enter their Cup of Nations semi-final on Sunday in Cairo with the tag of perennial underachievers. The Tunisians have not played in

Paramilitary Kills Protester While Power-Sharing Hangs in the Balance

One protester was reportedly killed with a bullet to the head and seven others are in critical condition after paramilitary forces in the eastern state of Sennar, Sudan, fired on

Looking again at “revolution”

There is need to re-look at the word “revolution” and what it currently means in politics and history, especially when compared to other forms of government change. The word, “revolution”,

Mass dispossession through the commodification of the land (Also known as Land Grab)

Under a new scheme, the World Bank seems intent on dismantling customary land laws in a push to privatize land and ultimately turn it into a commodity for sale to

Yes, Kenya’s health budget has risen 30% in last two fiscal years

Better healthcare is a key pillar of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy projects, known as the Big 4, as he serves out his second and final term. More healthcare funding was

Africa is not a continent of massive exodus

The topic of African migrations is currently triggering emotional and political reactions, especially outside the African continent, that often are fragmented or overlook the real dynamics. Next week, the Foundation

African teams showed advancement at the Women’s World Cup. The way media talked about them didn’t

This Women’s World Cup was a historic one for African football: For the first time ever, two African teams, Cameroon and Nigeria, advanced to the knockout rounds. South Africa also

Using soccer and Pool to change lives

“I realised these kids are not bad they just need guidance and a father figure. I had to introduce sports to them” says Siyabonga Ngcaweni known as “Coach” in Pantus Hill community, an informal settlement located in Ethekwini

The Sudan Protest unleashes Street Art

Sudanese graffiti artist Amir Saleh poses in front of a recently painted mural made by his team during a protest near the army headquarters in the capital Khartoum (AFP) The

Sudan’s military rejects Ethiopia’s transition proposal

Sudan’s military has rejected Ethiopia’s proposal to end the political deadlock over the composition of the country’s transitional government. The ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the opposition coalition have been

Ethiopia security forces kill alleged coup leader

Ethiopian security forces have killed the man accused of orchestrating a failed coup d’etat in the northern Amhara region over the weekend. General Asamnew Tsige, who allegedly led the coup attempt, was shot

The common people of Sudan at a strategic crossroad

Photo Credit: AFP This article argues that the current military transition in Sudan will lead the country to nowhere unless the people continued their resistance to have a genuine civilian

Three in four Nigerian women use skin-lighteners? No data supports claim

Three in four women in Nigeria regularly use skin-lighteners, claim a host of international media reports. The BBC and Guardian in the UK, CNN in the US, eNCA and News24 in South Africa, Vanguardand Pulse in Nigeria and the pan-African platform This is Africa all

Congolese storyteller is breathing new life into African mythologies

The story of Little Little Orisha follows the adventures of Sango, a wandering spirit who dreams of becoming the King of Heaven, but he needs to complete high school first.

100 Babies Dead – NGO Wants U.S. Missionary Prosecuted in Virginia

Johannesburg — Missionary Renee Bach, who runs a local non-governmental organisation called Serving His Children in eastern Uganda, is being accused of representing herself as a doctor, and treating children

Sudan’s popular revolution delayed not denied

Introduction When what was dubbed “The Arab Spring” took shape in 2011, with several tyrannical regimes falling one after another, the next question was: “Will the Arab Spring move into

Mali declares 3 days of national mourning for massacre victims-

Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has announced three days of national mourning “in homage to the victims” of Sobane Da village massacre that left dozens of people dead. The Malian government on Wednesday sacked the

Why China’s fish is set to stay on Kenya’s menu

After months of policy ping-pong on whether Kenya should let in fish from China, it looks resigned to the imports from the Asian giant meeting local demand. A recent budget

After Deportation, Some Congolese Returnees Face Detention and Extortion

Following a sharp increase in the arrival of asylum seekers and other migrants from Africa and the Middle East at EU borders in 2015, European politicians have increasingly called for

The Hugh Masekela Memorial Pavilion Unveiled

“His legacy is complex and has no boundaries. The ripples of his life force are yet creating new facets of his nature. Those will remain unchained, causing ever novel vistas.

Kenyan Literary Icon Binyavanga “Just being himself”

Family and friends of the late Binyavanga Wainaina on Thursday converged at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi for his memorial. Binyavanga, who died on May 22, was cremated

Tanzania Bans Plastic Bags to Clean Up Environment

Under new measures, anyone using plastic bags in Tanzania can be slapped with a fine, and those caught manufacturing the items can get jail time. Environmentalists are celebrating the move.

Feyi Olubodun on what international brands get wrong about the African consumer

“For the past couple of years the recession in Nigeria has been rough. Lots of agencies closed down and those that didn’t were in the negative for quite a while,”

War on women or crime under control? The two stories of South Africa’s rape stats

Two narratives about rape, utterly opposed to each other, currently circulate in South Africa. The first, expressed most recently in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speeches, paints a picture of a country at

Stwetla, living in danger but still living

Stwetla is a small section of Alexandra Township which consists of informal settlements only. For many years this area had no electricity nor running water. It was just in 2016 where the

Sudan protesters ‘totally reject’ army call for talks

Sudanese protest leaders have “totally” rejected the military’s offer for an unconditional resumption of talks as opposition-linked doctors said the death toll since a violent dispersal of a protest camp in the

NAACP Worked with CIA to Subvert African Liberation

During the 1950s, the NAACP conspired with the CIA to lure South African Black liberationists into the US orbit, said Dr. Gerald Horne, prolific author and professor of history and African

A Message to Christian Dior – “Africa is NOT your Playground”

Christian Dior’s “Cruise 2020 collection Launch”, an event that took place the last week of April in Marrakech, Morocco, was met with an onslaught of disapproval on social media. Dior’s

Ramadan becomes a struggle in cyclone-hit northern Mozambique

Guludo/Ibo, Mozambique – Piles of debris lie where thatched mud huts once stood in the village of Guludo in northern Mozambique. Broken pieces of furniture and muddied books litter the landscape and many like

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