Massacres in Lower Omo, Ethiopia, Call for Urgent Action by the Nobel Laureate PM Abiy Ahmed

In the past few weeks, we have received information that Ethiopian security forces have undertaken major operations to disarm two local tribes in Lower Omo Valley—the Mursi and the Bodi—because

Temple graffiti reveals stories from ancient Sudan

Today the northern region of Sudan that borders with Egypt is mostly desert. But this part of the Nile’s valley was once home to a powerful African civilisation called Kush. It

The threat of intraethnic strife in Ethiopia

When news broke of an alleged attempt to remove the security detail of Oromo activist and media mogul Jawar Mohammed, hundreds of his supporters flocked to his residence in Addis

Yes, study predicts smartphones to outstrip other information tech for carbon footprint

“Children must give up mobile phones,” urges a Facebook meme headed “climate emergency” and which shows a group of young people standing behind Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old global climate change activist. To support this

UN study narrows down why Africans make fraught journey to Europe

Migrants take dangerous routes from Africa to Europe not because they need protection or jobs but because their countries do not meet their aspirations quickly enough, a new study by the UN’s development agency

Meet Burna Boy, the “African Giant”

Burna Boy is on a mission to remind Africans everywhere about their roots in the continent, and Afrobeats is his tool. At a sold-out Wembley Arena, the triumphant tone is

Uganda police uses water canons to brutally arrest opposition leader Besigye

Uganda’s security agencies were kept busy on Monday as they deployed at the country’s leading university, clashed with journalists and arrested veteran opposition leader, Kizza Besigye. Kizza Besigye’s brutal arrest

Nigerian scientist develops cancer drugs from African plants

Mansurah Abdulazeez discusses how her visionary plant research could help in fight against tumours Mansurah Abdulazeez is a molecular biologist at the Center for Biotechnology Research, Bayero University Kano, Nigeria.

Despite the African Union firing her, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao says, “I will continue to tell the truth!”

The African Union (AU) is facing a backlash after sacking Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, its Ambassador to the United States of America. A Ghanaian national, Dr. Chihombori-Quao, has served in various

Mogadishu now has its first motorcycle hailing app

You can now hail a motorcycle service in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. The Go! app launched in the Indian Ocean city today (May 1) promising affordable and convenient options in the city’s

West Africa’s cocoa farmers are trapped by the global chocolate industry

The chocolate industry is worth more than $80 billion a year. But some cocoa farmers in parts of West Africa are poorer now than they were in the 1970s or 1980s. In

Meet the Sudanese Filmmakers making International Headlines

The year 2019 has been monumental for Sudan and its people with a revolution that led to the fall of former Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir, and is bringing about

Sex work legal in Senegal

Sex work was legalised in Senegal in 1969. Under Senegal’s Penal Code (articles 318 to 327) sex workers must be at least 21-years-old, register with the police, carry a valid sanitary card,

UN Assembly: Ethiopia’s president addresses Nile dam dispute

Every year in September, all 193 members of the United Nations meet at the General Assembly at the organisation’s headquarters in New York. The General Assembly is one of the

A pan-African perspective on Rwanda through a critical review of Judy Rever, In Praise of Blood: The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, Canada, Random House, 2018

The author argues that the Rwanda-Burundi’s dark colonisation past helps us understand the deep-rooted causes of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. A common narrative about the genocide in Rwanda is that between 7 April

No Minister Cele: SA not only country in Africa giving out crime stats

While releasing South Africa’s annual crime statistics, police minister Bheki Cele said that his department had “dropped the ball” when it came to crime. The statistics, released on 12 September

It’s wrong to impose Western music business models on Africa’s fledgling industries

Music streaming services have generated years of consistent revenue growth for rights holders in developed countries, making them the dominant source of revenue for recordings worldwide. Global music companies and

What is really behind the crisis in Haiti?

For months now, Haiti has been shaken by intensifying protests. A deepening economic crisis and growing fuel and food shortages have sent people to the streets, demanding the resignation of US-backed President

Switzerland to auction cars seized from E Guinea leader’s son

An auction house in Switzerland is set to sell a collection of luxury cars seized by authorities from the son of Equatorial Guinea’s president in a money-laundering investigation. The 25 cars include Ferraris and

Letter to President of South Africa from Africans Rising

H.E Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, State House Pretoria, South Africa  September 6th, 2019.  Dear Mr. President:  Africans Rising is a pan-African solidarity movement of people and organisations, working

No Evidence that 80% of Johannesburg’s inner city is inhabited by foreign nationals

In a video being shared briskly following a spate of attacks in South Africa by mobs targeting foreign-owned businesses, former deputy minister of police Bongani Mkongi claims thatJohannesburg is “80% foreign nationals”. This is “dangerous”,

African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Legal Texts and Policy Documents

AfCFTA operational phase launched The Agreement Establishing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) entered into force on 30 May 2019 for the 24 countries that had deposited their instruments

Rest in peace, Robert Mugabe: Hero, villain, human

Robert Mugabe has died. May he rest in peace. He was one of the engineers who built the foundations of modern-day Zimbabwe. If you ever get the chance, please visit Zimbabwe. It

Opioid use, drug-related disorders on the rise: UN report

Synthetic opioid use is booming, the United Nations said on Wednesday, in a worldwide drug report that shows rising deaths in the United States from overdoses and a “crisis” of Tramadol use

The opioid epidemic you haven’t heard about

Ayao* is a tall and well-built 15-year-old, and like many his age, he is very particular about his appearance. He wears a white T-shirt with a colourful design on the

How many Nigerians are on prescription drugs?

After a BBC Africa Eye documentary exposed Nigeria’s codeine cough syrup crisis in April 2018, the government banned the import and production of the opioid-containing mixture. But this will only have short-term benefits, according

Belonging—why South Africans refuse to let Africa in

Any African who has ever tried to visit South Africa will know that the country is not an easy entry destination. South African embassies across the continent are almost as

Looking back to move forward: The first Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algeria, 1969

Fifty years ago, this year from 21-31 July 1969 in the capital of Algeria, thousands of people gathered for a ground-breaking Pan-African Cultural Festival (PACF). Official delegations were sent to

No, adolescents don’t account for half of new HIV infections in Kenya

Nearly half of new HIV infections in Kenya are among adolescents, a major drugmaker claimed during an international conference focused on the wellbeing of girls and young women. “In Kenya,

Xenophobia – Rep Calls for Immediate Reconvening of National Assembly

Kingsley Chinda, a member of the House of Representatives from Rivers State, has called on the speaker of the house, Femi Gbajabiamila, to cut short the ongoing recess and attend

The 2019 Bay Area Afrobeats Concert Series confirms Nigerian star Tekno

This year marks the second edition of the Afrobeats Concert Series. The idea behind the series, according to Utake Ent Group’s DJay Slim, co-founder of the Afrobeats Concert Series, is

Haiti’s market women resist global forces

“On a plain high in the mountains of Haiti one day a week thousands of people still gather. This is the marketplace of my childhood…The sights and the smells and

We Want to Take Sudan From This Dark Corner to a Bright Future

On August 4, 2019, the Sudanese military council signed an agreement with Freedom and Change, a body representing the country’s mass protest movement. The agreement establishes the structures and powers of a

West Africa’s New Currency: The End of France’s dominance in Africa?

Just over 30 years after the idea was initially conceived, it appears that the whole of West Africa will now be adopting one currency. On the 29th of June 2019, the leaders

A fan pays tribute to the King of Coupé-Décalé

Ange Didier Huon, Ivorian musician better known to millions as DJ Arafat died at age 33, on August 12, after suffering injuries from a motorbike accident that occurred on Sunday,

Felabration Unveils Plan for 2019 Edition

Organisers of the annual week-long festivity to commemorate the life of the Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti has unveiled plans for its 2019 edition. Usually held in October, this year’s celebration

Africa’s job market: what are the challenges?

The 2019 Ibrahim Forum Report highlighted the links between demography, economic prospects and mobility. In a context of a booming youth population and a decade of sustained economic growth, what are the

39 years since Walter Rodney fell; Andaiye, Walter Rodney’s colleague has rejoined the ancestors

This is a tribute of Eusi Kwayana to Andaiye, which captures her connection to the Rodney legacy, and the political and humanist traditions she shared with many others in Guyana and across

The fading pride of Amazigh tattoos

For Africa’s indigenous Amazighs, body art was more than mere images. They were a decisive social, almost poetic, marker for centuries. Berber woman wearing ethnic jewelry, Kairouan, Kairouan governorate (Al

“They don’t see us; they just don’t care” – Stories from Saharawi freedom fighters

The story of Western Sahara, “the last colony in Africa”, is one of flagrant international law violation, and four decades of persistent military occupation by an African country of another

Ethiopia plants world-record 350 million trees in a day, officials say

Volunteers in Ethiopia have planted more than 350 Million trees (353,633,660 seedlings) on Monday, July 28, 2019, to fight deforestation and climate change, officials announced. This national campaign is part

Ethiopia: At least 17 killed in violence over Sidama autonomy

At least 17 people have been killed in clashes between Ethiopian security forces and activists seeking a new autonomous region for their Sidama ethnic group, according to a local official

Ethiopia’s TPLF demands clarity on 2020 elections, blasts ADP over ‘coup’

All is not well in Ethiopia’s ruling coalition as one of the parties is accusing the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) of not doing enough to prevent the recent high profile

Scenes of joy as Algeria wins Africa Cup of Nations

lgiers, Algeria – Football-crazed Algeria burst into a paroxysm of euphoria on Friday night as the country’s national team emerged triumphant at the Africa Cup of Nations final held in Egypt. Firecrackers lit up

Pentagon Document Shows U.S. Knew of “Credible” Report of Civilian Casualties After its Attacks in Somalia

ON APRIL 1, 2018, the U.S. military carried out an airstrike near El Buur, a town in central Somalia. A press release issued by U.S. Africa Command a day later announced

Brave, inspiring’ Somali-Canadian journalist killed in Kismayo

“Passionate”, “brave” and “a shining star who was a force for good” – these were just some of the tributes that poured in for Canadian-Somali journalist Hodan Nalayeh, who died

Africa’s challenge is the youth bulge currently stuck in ‘waithood’, the 2019 Ibrahim Forum Report says

The Foundation has been discussing African migrations and the calling for a repositioning of the debate in the past few months. As set out in the 2019 Ibrahim Forum Report, Africa’s

Remembering the time Nigerian music had meaning

Then, their music – which was mostly done in the genres of highlife, juju and apala – was resplendent with African proverbs and idioms, and served as a source of wisdom

Les Chaises Koubeyni is an artistic response to the concept of hospitality

Niger’s capital city of Niamey recently hosted an artistic intevention in which a group of artists and architects looked at ways to make a public intervention to reflect on the

Meet Kampire, an East African female DJ bringing new rhythms to dance music

On a Saturday night in Black Flamingo, a cramped basement venue in Brooklyn, New York City, Kampire is blasting out a set of body-shaking, high energy African electronic music. The

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