The Owner of One the World’s Most Important African Art Collections Dies

Image Source Sindika Dokolo, the Congolese businessman has died aged 48. Dokolo was born in 1972 in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo then known as Zaire. The son

Congolese Activists, Tired of Waiting, Demand Justice for Decades-Old War Crimes

Image Source In 2018, the Congolese gynecologist Denis Mukwege was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end rape as a weapon of war. Speaking to a rapt

Ethiopia is about to cross the point of no return

Image Source With the world’s attention fixated on the United States elections, Ethiopia embarked on a civil war last week. In a time span of five days Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who won the 2019

Kwesi Atuahene: If Nkrumah knew there would be a Rawlings

Image  Source Dr Kwame Nkrumah, begun his political carrier as a democrat and later became a dictator, whilst the late former President Rawlings began as a military dictator and ended

Uganda: Musevenism And Aminism Are Two Sides Of Dictatorship Coin

Image Source “They’ve caught him! They’ve caught him!” These were the words Ugandans screamed across Kampala Road as a swirling darkness churned across the capital city. Panic seized everyone, pandemonium

Zambians sue Anglo American mining company over lead poisoning

Image Source A group of Zambian women and children filed a suit against Anglo American Plc in South Africa, alleging the company caused widespread lead poisoning from a mine it

Total’s Uganda oil projects ‘hurt tens of thousands’ NGOs Claim

Image Source Tens of thousands of people in Uganda and Tanzania have been hurt by human rights violations linked to Total’s oil operations in Uganda, according to two French activist

Ethiopia’s Tigray region has seen famine before: why it could happen again

Image Source A new military conflict is sadly unfolding in the Horn of Africa. On November 4th, 2020, a military conflict erupted  between the forces of the federal government of Ethiopia and

Moving Beyond Pandemic: Human Smuggling in an Age of Pandemic

Image Source As COVID-19 chilled global mobility, harmed economies, and sparked border closures and travel bans around the world, the pandemic has had an effect on the shadow migration world.

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Ethiopia Slams a Trump Suggestion that Egypt could “blow up” its Grand Dam.

US President Donald Trump predicted that Egypt would “blow up” a mega-dam that Ethiopia is building on the Nile. Neighboring countries have criticized plans for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Ghostly Presences in Addis Ababa: A Conversation with Maaza Mengiste

Image Source “THESE ARE NOT gentle stories,” Maaza Mengiste warns in the introduction to Addis Ababa Noir. Mengiste, whose second novel, The Shadow King, was recently shortlisted for the Booker Prize, assembled

Is Heineken brewing a better Africa?

Image Source In the Netherlands, there’s an old secret that involves a local, world-famous beer brand. Only we Dutch know that Heineken is actually an average beer: nothing wrong with

Tesla cobalt deal with Glencore allegedly benefits sanctioned billionaire at the center of corruption scandal in DRC

Image Source “Sanctioned Israeli Billionaire to Gain From Elon Musk Cobalt Deal” …Tesla Inc…struck a deal last month with Glencore Plc to buy as much as 6,000 tons of cobalt

Beyond the language of denial: Men talk mental health in Ghana

Oti Agyemang Prempeh recalls the time in 2017 he found the courage to talk to his father about living with depression and anxiety.”Even if I couldn’t tell him, that ‘by

‘Like the speed of the wind’: Kenya’s lakes rise to destructive highs

Image Source Peering into the lake, the village elder struggled to pinpoint where beneath the hyacinth and mesquite weeds lay the farm he lived in his entire life until the

Criminalization of Search-and-Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean Has Been Accompanied by Rising Migrant Death Rate

Image Source The deaths of more than 350 migrants in the 2013 sinking of an overloaded smuggling vessel off the Italian island of Lampedusa shocked the world and reignited debate

The “Africa Migration Report” seeks to challenge dominant narrative about migration on the continent

Image Source African migration in the 21st Century takes place mainly by land, not by sea. African migrants’ destinations are overwhelmingly not to Europe or North America, but to each other’s countries. Those are

Paul Rusesabagina: Fears for the life of Hotel Rwanda hero

Image Source The family of a critic of Rwanda’s president, whose acts during its genocide were made into a Hollywood film, have said they fear he will be murdered after

Scientists in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and US have developed a $1 test for Ebola and Lassa virus

Image Source While countries across the world are battling with the coronavirus pandemic, some African countries, are also battling the outbreaks of deadlier hemorrhagic fever viruses: Lassa virus and Ebola

Ugandan graduate on BreastIT, a cancer-detecting glove

Image Source BreastIT is a cheap and portable solution to breast cancer detection in Uganda. Three Makere University IT graduates, Moris Atwine, Kabwama Alvin Leonard and Lwangwa Mwesigwa David designed

First woman to win the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

A Cote D’Ivorian technology entrepreneur in Accra has won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s prestigious 2020 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. Charlette N’Guessan is the first ever woman to win the

Solar Fridge helps African Small Businesses Live off the Grid

Image Source In the scorching climate of sub-Saharan Africa, it’s nearly impossible to keep food or milk fresh without a refrigerator. Unfortunately, a fridge isn’t even an option in a

Waiting to be thrown out: An African Immigrant Story

Image Source Samuel’sSamuel’s journey to America took six months, and it wasn’t even where he wanted to go. After fleeing Cameroon for Ghana in January 2019, his plan was to stay

Who pays the price of King Leopold’s Bugatti?

Image Source The removal and toppling of King Leopold’s statues in Belgium over the summer amidst protests against racism and colonial legacy was a powerful symbol. Despite this much needed

Walking the ancestral path: a traditional response to Covid-19

Image Source When Covid-19 hit Kenya, the ABN’s Simon Mitambo played a role in enabling a traditional ritual to cleanse the soils, seeds, land and territory. He shares his experience here. The

Rethink–biocultural diversity

Image Source I remember once walking in the forest of Sheka, a district in the South West of Ethiopia, with the spiritual leader of the Ateso community, called Atestata. He

New Farming Skills Increase Yields, No Turning Back

Image Source Ms. Agnes Muthoni is a farmer of Mwangaza self- help group, a farmer group in Mbeere, Embu County. Agnes is a youth small scale farmer and a mother

Nature-based solutions or nature-based seductions

The Third World Network and the African Centre for Biodiversity are pleased to share with you a new briefing paper: Nature-based solutions or nature-based seductions? Unpacking the dangerous myth that

The Added Value of Agroecology

The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) has released a new report – ‘The Added Value(s) of Agroecology: Unlocking the potential for transition in West Africa’. According to the

Africa at the Crossroads: Time to Abandon Failing Green Revolution

Image Source As COVID-19 threatens farming communities across Africa already struggling with climate change, the continent is at a crossroads. Will its people and their governments continue trying to replicate

Cancer treatment is costly, that’s why I advocate for preparedness

Image Source Apart from robbing families of their loved ones, cancer has impoverished many households due to the heavy cost of treatment. Florence Kitsao’s family has endured it all while

What you need to know about vaccine approval in Nigeria

Image Source As the world counts down the weeks to a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine, we look at the steps that would have to be followed before the vaccine

Nigeria Protests Show Bitcoin Adoption Is Not Coming: It’s Here

Image Source As protests sweep across the country, with multiple regions placed under curfew, Nigerians are using social media and bitcoin in their fight against police corruption. Nigerians called for the disbandment of

In Pictures: Ivory Coast 2020 Presidential Election

In Ivory Coast, President Alassane Ouattara was declared winner of a controversial third term on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Ouattara initially said he would not run again this year but

Somali Women Are Demanding 30% of Parliament Seats in 2021 Election

Image Source Women’s rights groups, prominent businesswomen and female politicians in Somalia are urging the country’s male-dominated parliament to pass a bill reserving 30% of seats for women in next

Ivorians are betting on peace as election tensions rise in Côte d’Ivoire with votes cast

Image Source Some 7.5 million people were expected to cast their ballots when polls opened on Saturday morning (Oct. 31) in Côte d’Ivoire as part of a presidential election which

US$100 million Africa Pathogen Genomics Initiative to boost disease surveillance and emergency response capacity in Africa

Image Source Today, a group of public, private and non-profit organizations, led by the African Union Commission through the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), launched the

Stop Filming Us | The Film That Should Never Have Been Made

Image Source The documentary Stop Filming Us won the Dutch Movies Matter Award and received favourable reviews by the Dutch press. Unbelievable, according to postcolonial media scholar Emiel Martens. ‘Postema

DÉJÀ VU – In tragic vein: Wole Soyinka on Nigeria’s unrest

Image Source To the affected governors all over the nation, there is one immediate step to take: demand the withdrawal of those soldiers. Convoke Town Hall meetings as a matter

In Pictures: #ENDSARS Nigeria Protest

In Nigeria, nationwide protests against police brutality  began on Oct. 8 after a video emerged in early October showing police officers thought to be from the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad,

The Nigerian protests are about much more than police violence

Those in Nigeria’s halls of power must have been flummoxed when protests erupted in response to Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu’s October 11 announcement that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad

Hamdok says restoring Sudan’s immunity is key to compensate U.S. terror victims

Image Source Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok said his government is awaiting legislation restoring Sudan immunities before to pay the compensation to the victims of terror attacks. Hamdok made his statement

#ENDSARS: A case of policing the police

Image Source The popular consensus of police brutality in Africa’s giant is one side of the story. Challenges of transparency and accountability in Nigeria’s Police Force fuel #ENDARS, #ENDSWAT, #ENDPoliceBrutality protests across

Ivory Coast opposition rallies against president’s third term bid

Image Source Thousands of opposition supporters have rallied in Abidjan to protest against Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara’s plan to seek a third term, as tensions rise in the lead-up to

WHO names independent body to investigate DRC sex abuse claims

Image Source The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday it was setting up a seven-person independent commission to investigate claims of sexual exploitation and abuse by aid workers during

Mauritius court denies bail to captain of sunken Japanese ship

A Mauritius court rejected an application for bail made by Sunil Kumar, the captain of the Japanese bulk carrier, MV Wakashio that sunk off the country’s southeastern coast in July.

How Semlex and Gunvor Armed the Ivorian Civil War

Image Source By the beginning of 2011, the fallout from Ivory Coast’s disputed presidential election was turning ugly. Violence had flared across the West African country since President Laurent Gbagbo

Telema, a global Congolese movement: In Pictures

Telema means “Stand Up” in the Lingala. #Telema, a global Congolese movement, commenced in the wake of the January 19, 2015, uprising in the Congo and is a movement that

In the name of the relatives of Patrice Emery Lumumba: an open letter by Patrice Lumumba’s daughter demanding Belgium give back her father’s remains

Image Source “In our culture like in yours, what we respect through care for the mortal remains is the human person itself. What we recognize is the value of human

African Women Break the Silence in the Congo

Addressing the African Union 50th Anniversary Heads of States Summit in 2013, Amina Mama, the Nigerian writer, feminist and academic challenged the gathering and in doing so, she said, “Let

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