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Senegal’s Protest Soundtrack

Artistic activism – combining the creative power of the arts to move people emotionally for the purpose of creating an Effect – provides perspective and allows new ways to imagine our world.  Artists engage and respond to political and social struggles in various ways and through vivid expressions convey powerful messages and possibilities.

In Senegal, the #FreeSenegal movement “has been a long time coming for many Senegalese”. In songs written “both before and after” the arrest of populate opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, there has been and outpour of artistic expression by the country’s “top” rappers. The artists capture the feelings of young people with respect to the political and social struggles of their time, enclosed with a strong message – and its power resonates.

Here are some of the songs:

“Fii” (“Here”) by Hakill

“#FreeSenegal” by Dip Doundou Guiss

“Khekh Yu Bess” (“A new type of combat”) by Canabasse

“Bayil Mu Sedd” (“Drop it”) by Positive Black Soul

“Senegal has a tradition of rappers pushing for political change. Ten years ago, the group Y’en a Marre (“Enough”) was instrumental in mobilizing young voters against then-president Abdoulaye Wade when he bid for a controversial third term.”

Source:-Quartz Africa 

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