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Kenyans outraged at new Sh257 billion IMF loan

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Kenyans have protested against the latest Sh257 billion loan by the International Monetary Fund, which the government claims is critical in fighting Covid-19. Outraged Kenyans expressed their frustrations with the Jubilee administration’s appetite for borrowing, coming when the economy is struggling

Citizens called on the IMF to stop any lending to the Jubilee administration.

Capturing the spirit of anger, about 200,000 Kenyans had by Tuesday signed a petition to the IMF, pushing for suspension of any credit facility to the country. Led by resident Jefferson Murrey, the concerned Kenyans opposed what they termed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration’s huge appetite for heavy borrowing without proper accountability.

“This (petition) is in recognition of the fact that previous loans to the Kenya government have not been prudently utilised and have often resulted in mega corruption scandals. The scandals have not deterred the ruling regime from more appetite for more loans, especially from China,”  the petition reads.

It argues that Kenyans are crippled by the heavy burden of taxation as the cost of basic commodities, such as fuel, is skyrocketing.

“There is nothing to show for the previous loans,” petition organizer Murrey said.

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