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Madagascar’s COVID-19 Herbal Cure Gives Hope To The World

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Madagascar’s COVID-19 herbal cure gives hope to the world as we race for a cure. 92 of Madagascar’s 128 Coronavirus patients have recovered, leaving 36 active cases.

None of them have died. Madagascar has developed the cure for CoronaVirus in Africa, many disputed the claim. It is high time the world looked in the direction of Madagascar.

Africa is looking within to rise above the global pandemic. Many are hoping that in a few months things will get better. Many have doubted Africa’s capability to get a cure yet, Madagascar stunned and rocked the entire World last week by the rate of healing of COVID-19 patients using Herbal medicine called COVID ORGANIC

Equatorial Guinea’s Deputy Minister of Health, Mitoha Ondo’o arrived in Madagascar to take packages of Madagascar’s Coronavirus Medicine, Covid Organics back to Equatorial Guinea. The man of the moment, who wrote Africa’s name on the map of the world is Dr. Jerome Munyangi from MADAGASCAR the inventor, creator, and manufacturer of the Madagascar magic herbal drink names COVID-ORGANICS which prevents and cures Corona Virus.

Madagascar’s COVID-19 Herbal Cure is proving to be the best discovery so far.

Source: NewsGhana24

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