Komla Dumor: The ‘Boss Player’

Komla_Dumor 2The sudden and tragic passing of the Ghana-born BBC News and Focus on Africa programme presenter, Komla Afeke Dumor also known as ‘Boss Player’, has shocked the world of journalism and Africa. Tributes, comments, regret and words of condolences on the loss of one of Africa’s ambassadors and brightest young talents has been outpouring throughout various media and social media spaces; including, Ghana’s own President John Dramani Mahama’s message to the twitter world: “Our nation has lost one of its finest ambassadors. @BBCkomladumor was a broadcaster of exceptional quality and Ghana’s gift to the world”, a heartwarming eulogy from Chimamanda Adichie here, and many other messages from prominent figures, friends and fans here.

Komla Dumor, one of BBC’s most stylish presenters with a commanding bass voice, joined the BBC as a radio broadcaster in 2006 after a decade of journalism in Ghana. Komla was known as he genuinely and exceptionally worked hard to tell the story of Africa as is, standing for our stories with integrity and pride. As he represented “us” on the global stage it seemed he was reaching height. Most notably, his recent interview, as he took-on Williams Nkurunziza, Rwanda’s Ambassador to the UK, indicated the height and length Komla would go to report on the truth.

Watch the interview here.

When I first met Komla in 2010 it was in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia; he was in Addis for a summit. The few more times he had been back to Addis was more work-time than pleasure. It seemed he was always somewhere on a job. Komla, even with his towering stature and gifted voice was easily approachable, his warm and genuinely modest nature showcasing the classic amiable Ghanaian essence. It was easy to befriend Komla, his shining spirit hinted shyness, his beaming eyes were welcoming, and his big smile was a joy to be around. If the days since his passing are an indication (as in here), Komla Dumor was most certainly loved by many.

Until we see you again, may your soul rest in eternal peace, ‘Boss Player’ brother!


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