Sauti za Busara 2015: Zanzibar Music and Arts Festival

Sauti za Busara [Swahili, Sounds of Wisdom], also known as the Zanzibar Music and Arts Festival, is notable for advancing and celebrating the diverse and rich musical culture of the African continent in an exotic island setting. In its 12th year, the 2015 festival will be held from February 12 to February 15 in the jewel of Africa, the Swahili coastal trading town of East Africa –Stone Town, also known as Zanzibar’s soul.

The festival, which started back in 2004, has grown to become one of the most popular festivals that provides networking opportunities for African artistes and music professionals, and attracts festivalgoers from around the world, owing much of its popularity to “the lineup of artists, the warm welcoming hearts of the Zanzibari people”, and the town’s convivial cultural exquisiteness.

In an annual tradition, the festival’s 12th edition has an exciting line-up, featuring 4 nights of 9 hours of concerts and films by 400 artists from 20 countries, from across the continent. Keeping to its customary program, it’s expected to showcase “a rich and vibrant mix of styles including traditional ngoma, taarab, kidumbak, mchiriku, rumba, muziki wa dansi, Swahili hiphop bongo flava, r’n’b, mystic and religious music, theatre, comedy, and dance.”

Some of our favorite artists such as Ghanaian-born New York resident Blitz the Ambassador, recently featured on AS4A, will be on stage alongside many other talents from across the continent. Below, check out some of the artists, among many others, that you can expect to see:

Isabel Novella (Mozambique)

Sarabi (Kenya)

Thaïs Diarra (Senegal / Mali / Switzerland)

Erik Aliana (Cameroon)

Djmawi Africa (Algeria)

Cocodo African Music (Tanzania)

Alikiba (Tanzania)

Photo credit: Masoud Khamis

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