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Photography work of Siaka Trarore


There’s a sense of vibrancy that leaps out at you when you see Siaka Traore’s photography. With a strong interest in breakdance and capoeira, Siaka’s work captures people in some form of movement. Originally from Burkina Faso, Siaka now lives in Senegal where he visually documents the countries burgeoning creative, urban street culture.Shooting mostly on the streets of Senegal, Siaka spends his days searching for impromptu performances that reflect the urban environment.

“I love street art and colours,’’ he says ‘‘because I grew up with hip hop culture, a culture that comes from the street and to which I am still very close to. Movement is something that attracts me as I am constantly looking to capture it on still images to keep as a reminder of precious moments that can’t be relived.’’

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