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Kenyan tribes sue UK £168 billion for rape, torture other abuses during colonial era

Two tribes in Kenya have filed a law case against the United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) over alleged abuses in the final decades of British colonial rule.

According to BBC, the Kenyan tribes – the Talai and Kipsigis demanded £168 billion and an apology for crimes linked to a ‘land grab’ in Kericho, a western area of Kenya which grows tea for some of the world’s biggest producers.

British colonial administrators are reported to have overseen the forced eviction of the clans from fertile ancestral lands to make way for plantations.

The Talai claimed they were compelled to dwell in a nearby valley infested with mosquitos and tse-tse flies as punishment for resisting, which lead to deaths, miscarriages and colossal loss of livestock.

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