A Self-Powered, Mobile WiFi Device

Staying connected anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the efforts of Ushahidi, a technology not-for-profit based in Kenya, Africa’s demand for connectivity, anytime and anywhere may have been addresssed.   Ushahidi has developed a cloud -managed  portable Wi-Fi router, that houses a mobile modem.  The device can serve as a backup power generator for knternet access when there are blackouts or when there is limited network coverage.

Enter BRCK (pronounced brick) – already recognized by experts as a clever answer to Africa’s difficult power problems.  The BRCK is ruggedly built and is water proof.  It will work with any device that requires 3 and 17 volt power supply. The BRCK is about the size of the Mac Mini and works well in rural areas.  It can be charged from sources such as car batteries or a solar panel.  Once the electricity goes, BRK switches to battery mode and can last for up to eight hours.

The BRCK was introduced in July 2013 in Nairobi and sells for around $199.  Ushahidi (which means “testimony” or “witness” in Swahili) launched in 2008 as a website to track and document reports of violence in Kenya  after the 2007 presidential elections.  Ushahidi has evolved into one of the leaders in the technology community located in East Africa.


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