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Who is Ken Karangi?

Ken Karangi is a Kenyan website designer turned entrepreneur. Merging art with technology, Karangi’s love for art was the catalyst for his start-up.

Capitalizing on the growing number of Internet users in his home country and with thoughts of making art more available and affordable, in 2013 Karangi teamed up with six local artists from Nairobi and started to sell their artwork through a Facebook page.  

The business idea grew into the creation of an art distribution company called ByHand Products. It connects local artists with art consumers; in addition, Byhandproducts takes it a step further by creating custom-made pieces to cater to its consumer’s specific needs.

Since its creation, business has been on the rise. On an average, through its website the company sells six items a day, according to a CNN story.  Just in its second year the company has almost doubled its revenue to $20,000 and expanded the business to include a showroom.


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