The Africa I want to see…

The Africa I want to see …
Is an Africa feeding itself from its abundant resources,
Producing solar energy from a sun that never fails to shine
Ensuring the diversity of our plant life and seeds are in the control of our farmers and
Not GMOs that will kill life.

The Africa I want to see…
Values all its people, young, old, LBGTI, disabled, albinos, women and
all faiths are respected.
It is an Africa manufacturing products but
not in a crass materialism to compete with the West, the BRICS or MINTS but to meet the needs of our people

It is an Africa that stands up for Africans everywhere in the world –
The Stephen Lawrences, Sean Bells, Ahmadou Diallos, Kwadir Feltons, Trayvon Martins, Amarildos and countless others – so that
white racist supremacist ideology cannot indulge in impunity when one of us is harmed.
It is an Africa that sees its workers paid a decent wage so that the police officer or civil servant is not forced to ask for a “dash” before doing his or her work

It is a police force and army that respects citizens in the manner that Cabral and Machel envisioned
It is an Africa where the looted wealth – the people’s wealth – stashed in European banks by former dictators will be used to build clinics, schools, roads,
Where warlords, dictators and rapists see jailed justice in a genuine Truth and Reconciliation Commission
The Africa I want to see has thriving adult education classes and encourages men and women such as Kimani Maruge – the “First Grader”-
to learn for the sake of learning at the age of 84.

It is an Africa where schools have abundant resources and all children learn free of charge from nursery to university
It is an Africa where Africans truly know and celebrate the history of the continent
It is an Africa that is respected in world fora, aligned with all workers of the world for social and economic justice
It is an Africa where the African woman is truly free from patriarhical oppression, “sisterarchy” in the dictates of white feminists and
self-doubt when the African woman becomes her own worst enemy.

Where Ubuntu thrives, ethnic hatred, street children and the homeless no longer exist,
Where shanty towns become museum pieces,
Where first class roads criss-cross the continent making travel easy from North to South and East to West,
Where there is constant electricity and borders are not places of harassment and intimidation,
Where the health services are as good and freely available as our sister nation Cuba – so even our leaders can stop going abroad for treatment
Where our film makers and documentary makers inspire our minds with films of the past, now and future

Where the African love for reading will let a thousand books flourish daily in an African publishing industry from Cape Town to Cairo and from Banjul to Mogadishu,
Where a Pan-African university will be set up in West, East, North, South and Central Africa with a Pan-African curriculum that excites the minds of students
Where visas are abolished for visiting Diasporan Africans,
Where Diasporans continue to be welcomed to live and develop Africa,
Where we remember those that sacrificed their lives – from Lumumba, Cabral to Mohammed Bouazzi and countless, nameless women who also lost their lives so others could live.
The Africa I want to see is possible, it is realisable, it is achievable.
The Africa I want to see involves a new mind-set for revolution.
Are Africans ready to work for this revolution?

*Ama Biney (Dr) is a scholar-activist and Acting Editor in Chief of Pambazuka News
The above poem is courtesy of Pambazuka newss.

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