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Nigeria’s Onakoya Beats World Record with 60-Hour Chess Marathon

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Nigerian chess master Tunde Onakoya has set a new world record for the longest chess marathon by playing chess continuously for 60 hours in New York City’s Times Square. This achievement shatters the previous record of 56 hours, 9 minutes, and 37 seconds set by Hallvard Haug Flatebø and Sjur Ferkingstad of Norway in November 2018.

The record-breaking effort attracted widespread support for his his Chess in Slums Africa initiative and his goal to raise $1 million to educate children across Africa.

Following the marathon, Onakoya paid tribute to his opponent, American chess master Shawn Martinez, saying in an X post: “Together, for 60 hours, we showed the world what true collaboration means, trumping competition. We picked each other up during tough moments, both mentally and physically. And you did it with so much grace.”

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