Hotshots: Africa’s Most Exciting New Photographers

131018150514-afric-photographers-emeka-okerere-1-horizontal-gallery 2Africa for the past few years has been immersed in digital technology and culture and the digital age in Africa can now be witnessed through art and photography.

In the past the most notable photographers who captured images from Africa were those from Europe and and the United States — photojournalists who came to bring more exposure to the daily lives of those living in this diverse continent.

But as the cost of digital technology significantly drops and more artists gain access to digital technology, African photographers are gaining exposure, giving voice to their own experiences of their neighborhoods and communities.

Though compiling a list of any sort is challenging, as certain constraints will inevitably mean that a great deal of deserving talents will be left off, CNN’s African Voices, in this story introduces us to some of “Africa’s most exciting new photographers”.

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