Featured Artist: Chosan

chosan_touchthesun_promoHip Hop artist: Chosan was born in  Freetown, Sierra Leone  West Africa. After a move  to Canada and then a relocation to London, a love affair with Hip-Hop began which took him across the Atlantic to New York.
In New York he found life was certainly not easy. His first album was the result of a near death car accident changed his perspective on life. He was unable to walk for a 5 month period but was happy and grateful to be alive & instead of giving up on life he made the album and named the first single “Ride”. He was later asked to by Kanye West to write a narrative for his hit single “Diamonds for Sierra Leone” which he never got credit for.

He is currently raising funds and school supplies for underprivileged schools in freetown.

To learn more about Chosan visit his page.


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