An African City

an-african-city-cast“An African City” is an online TV series, “a kind of African Sex in the City”, as described by the Creator, writer, and executive producer, Nicole Amarteifio. The series chronicles the everyday episodes of 5 urban-modern, educated and single African women (childhood friends), who return to their birth city after years of living in the west. A series that explores, interrogates, and tussles with the cultural complexities, and simplicities, encountered with returnees.

Young-single, independent, dynamic and beautiful African women, who while displaying a great deal of devotion towards their birth city, confront and deal with the male-female terrain, shaping their own course as independent and successful women, embracing their adopted culture and paradoxical conditions, without having to fold to the pressures put by the traditional society. As the women interact authentically and candidly about love, life and sexuality the show pushes boundaries and is bound to contribute to shaping the social positions of young-single African women, throughout.

For more information on the creator, producers and cast, as well as to watch episodes from season one, visit the show’s website:

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