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Nomoreloss: Sudden Death That Triggers Shock Waves

The early Monday morning passage of talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, Olumuyiwa Osinuga, popularly known as ‘Nomoreloss’ has sent a shock wave across the Nigerian and African music industry.

The seasoned music star was confirmed dead after battling an undisclosed ailment said to have started early this year.

A short message from one of his brothers, Ademola Osinuga, on behalf of the family reads: “This is to officially announce the passing away of our son, brother, friend Adeyemi Olumuyiwa Osinuga A.k.a Mr. Nomoreloss, who passed away this day 21 March 2016. Announcer: Ademola Osinuga for the family.”

Strangely, as he faced the health challenge, the music star kept it away from many in the industry.

 “Someone who led the campaign for OJB’s recovery had no one to inform the public till he battled sickness for 3 months and died!” a shocked fan stated on Twitter.

In 2013, Nomoreloss personally led the campaign to create awareness and helped raise fund for the treatment of music producer, OJB when he had a kidney ailment. His role as the coordinator of that ‘Save OJB Campaign’ was applauded by many.   

Since the sad news broke, the social media space has been awash with expressions of shocks, tributes, encomiums and condolences from industry figures and colleagues.

In a Twitter message, the global music channel, MTV Base expressed its condolences to the family, friends and supporters of the deceased singer.

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