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Returnee Spotlight: How Olatorera Oniru Left Fortune 500 Companies In America To Pursue Her Passion in Nigeria

Olatorera Oniru is an African returnee, entrepreneur, and business mogul who is very passionate about Africa. She is the founder and CEO of, an etailer that specializes in beauty, fashion, and health products. Through her initiatives, Oniru seeks to make Africans rely less on imported natural resources. She decided to take the daring step of returning to her ancestral home against all the disparaging news by the Western media about Africa.

The Western media has for long associated the African continent with dilapidated scenes and starvation. So, when African Americans and Africans in the diaspora hear and see such stories, they fear to return to or visit Africa. However, the natural resources, wildlife, beautiful sceneries, and opportunities in Africa rarely feature in the Western media.

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