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Poor Patients Will Receive Free Medical Treatment in Dar es Salaam Hospital

About 600 poor patients are set to benefit from free medical consultations from specialist doctors from one of the best hospitals in India, Narayana, who have arrived in the country for the medical mission.

Narayana is one of the major hospitals in India providing advanced healthcare services in over 30 specialties including cardiac surgery, cardiology, bone marrow transplant, neurosurgery and oncology.

Its urologist and orthopedic doctors who have arrived in the city will team up with the local doctors at the JPM hospital in Dar es Salaam, offering services on diseases related to urinary system, bones or muscles and heart complications.

According to the managing director of the JPM Hospital, Dr. Ameir Binzoo, his hospital will offer its cardiologists and general doctors to work with the Indian doctors in the mission.

The two-day medical camp from tomorrow will be held at the hospital at Magomeni Kagera in the city. “We encourage the citizens to turn up in their big number to attend the camp to check their health…This is a relief for them instead of travelling to the Naryana hospital in India,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said the JPM Hospital will move to using the telemedicine whereby the patients who wish to seek treatment from the Narayana specialist doctors in India could get medical consultation through online.

The telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. “A patient at the JPM Hospital will be seeing and communicate with a doctor at the Naryana hospital from the computer screen, our doctor will be translating for a patient who can’t speak English,” he said when explained how the system will work.

He said they opted using the technology as way of helping the patients reduce costs that could have been spent on traveling to India for treatment.

By: Bernard Lugongo

Source: Daily News

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