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Meet Mabel Suglo, the woman behind Eco Shoes

Eco Shoes is a Ghana based enterprise delivering progressive social outcomes.

An ethical business, Eco-Shoes’ model is best known for its social responsibility, community consciousness, and its positive impact on the environment. The eco-friendly stylish and durable footwear is produced from old rubber tires, African fabric scraps, and other sustainably sourced raw materials –using old techniques for new designs.

In addition to doing its part caring for the environment, Eco-Shoes has an admirable social responsibility mission. It provides employment to people who otherwise would be out of a job or below the poverty threshold. “We empower and transfer the skills of shoe making to people with disabilities,” says the founder. “Eco-shoes create jobs which benefit people with disabilities and the communities in which they live while inspiring people to get creative about re-using materials, extending their life-cycle and at the same time contributing to waste reduction”.

By and large, Eco-Shoes hopes to create something of value and at the same time deliver positive and progressive social outcomes.


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