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HOAX ALERT: ‘Man selling human meat in Nairobi butchery’ story is false

A man has been “caught red-handed selling human meat in a Nairobi butchery”, the headline of a story on a website masquerading as the genuine African Daily Voice blared in November 2018.

The suspect was due in court, according to an unnamed “regional police commander”.

The story was shared to Facebook groups with tens of thousands of followers, including CNN-Kenya – liked by at least 177,000 users – and the Raila Odinga – The Kenya we want page, which has more than 168,000 followers.

The story is too grim to think about, but there’s an upside: it’s false.

Joseph Ole Tito, the Nairobi county police commander, told Africa Check no such case has been reported to the city’s authorities.

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